Household moving

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In case of small scale moves and transportation, it is usually enough if you give us a call and briefly describe what must be moved from where to where. Such services are delivered mainly according to the price list (send the price list via email), whereas we offer various discounts to the home loan and home leasing clients of Hansapank AS and Hansa Liising Eesti AS, if they submit a discount card and the EGO Card.

To relocate bigger apartments and houses, it is advisable to make an on-site pre-move survey, in the course of which our consultant will estimate the nature and scale of preparations and the likely cost of moving. Our services include: the rental and sale of packing materials (packing cartons, packing tape, paper, various plastic packing materials, cardboard), the delivery of packing materials, packing services, marking and labelling, disassembly of furniture and its packing in moving blankets, loading, safe transportation, unpacking, re-assembly.

We would like to point out our storage service that can be used for temporarily storing household goods during a transition or home renovations, but also as safe and secure storage of items you do not currently use.

All moving services are covered by basic liability coverage; in case of high value articles and large scale moves, an adequate liability limit and extended coverage protection can be agreed with our representative.

Ancillary services include plumbing and electrical services, cleaning and maintenance.

For information about site surveys and pricing, call 6139737, 5036450 or e-mail to info at ava dot ee

For more information about Tartu and South Estonia: GSM 5548141 or info at ava dot eetartu dot